Answer Gateway Pipeline: Gateway to Tricons or Problems? The first part – debates and pros


Most proposals are happy events (except for mother-in-law). But for controversial proposals to increase drilling and tricone activity in Alberta and British Columbia, honeymoon seems to be over.

Pipeline plan

The Northern Gateway Pipeline project created by Enbridge Inc., a Canadian crude oil and liquid company, often calls for the construction of two pipelines, some 1200 km wide from Broderheim, Alberta, to Kitamat, British Columbia. Although the westbound pipe will carry tricone-extracting bitumin from Atavascar's oil sands, the eastbound pipe will transport the condensation of natural gas to Alberta.

Bitumen, which is often accessed through tricone drilling, is a heavy fuel for industrial use produced from fractionation of crude oil after the extraction of oil with tricones. The gas condensate tricone-drill mixes bitumen, reducing the viscosity of crude oil and facilitating its travel through the pipeline. This tricone-driven process, once delivered the product to the new Maritime port of Kiritimati, will be deployed in oil tankers and sold in Asian markets.

Past the pipeline

2005: Enbridge signs a cooperation agreement, where PetroChina agrees to purchase 200,000 barrels a day to transport tricone-subsidized goods through the pipeline.

2006: Enbridge British announces its plans for the North Gateway Pipeline, with the expected involvement of Tricone Drilling.

2007: PetroChina withdraws from the project due to some uncertainty involved in the project and delays in the beginning due to the involvement of the tricon drilling activities.

2009: The Environmental Assessment Agency of Canada and the National Energy Board issue a Joint Review Panel Agreement and Reference Terms for the Control and Environmental Review of Northern Gateway Pipelines. Although tricone drilling is not controversial, it cannot be said the same in terms of many elements of the project and their potential impact.

2010: Enbridge submits a project application to the National Project Board for evaluation by a joint review panel.

2011: In light of the unique challenges of access challenges and proposed pipelines, the Joint Review Panel requests further information from Enbridge on design and risk assessment.

Pipeline Pro

It's no secret that tricone drilling has its benefits, but proponents of the North Gateway Pipelines argue that the project, like any project involving good go tricone activity beyond tricone drilling, is not just for British Columbia and Alberta provinces that are heavily for tricone drilling. Known, however, is Canada's speech Parts:

১. For BC, apart from the obvious income of drilling, it offers thousands of temporary construction jobs to produce and a steady market for product and service providers. Perhaps most importantly, over the current tax revenue generated through the Tricone operation and the project is expected to contribute $ 1.2 billion over the next 30 years.

2. In Alberta, where tricone drilling profits are already prominently portrayed, the pipeline will open the door to a lucrative Asian market, leaving provincial governments and manufacturers for what they currently earn through tricone drilling. Encouragement of tricone activity in the first 10 years and after the completion of the pipeline – estimated to generate approximately $ 28 billion in revenue.

৩. In the rest of Canada, where tricone drilling is scarce, the project is expected to generate $ 2 billion in GDP over the next five years. Aside from the current tricone-related revenue, it is amazing that the regional government has officially supported the initiative ডার Canada's economy will earn $ 1150 million in long-term jobs, contracts and employment for indigenous businesses and communities, and billions of dollars of labor-related income. Enjoy the same tricone drilling facility as Alberta This application is obvious as it does not c.

In any event, the Northern Gateway Pipeline Project is a huge initiative that has far-reaching implications. The second part of this article will look at the potential pitfalls of the project despite the tricone activity and earnings.