Gateway SX 2800-01


detail description

Processor: 2.33GHz Intel Core 2 Quad Q8200

Memory: 4GB DDR3

Storage: 640 GB hard drive

Optical drive: DVD 1 RW

Monitor: None

Graphics: Integrated Intel GMA X4500

Operating System: Windows Vista Home Premium (5-bit)


Gateway's latest endeavor; To enhance the competition in the Slim-Desktop War, SX2800-01. Competing with the Dell 537 and HP's slim line s5160f gateway, the quad-core performer puts the monitor below 500 but still keeps the design very stylish. It has a boat load of core 2 quad processors, a 640GB hard drive, 4G DDR3 RAM, a DVD burner, a multi-format card reader, HDMI output and external export ports. The only thing you can find out from the equation is the Law Gritty Three performance, definitely not for gamers.

The SX2800-01 comes with a shiny plastic front cover concealing DVD drives and expansion ports; The exterior is a matte black. It's 14 × 7×20 inches (HWD) so it's easy to tackle it on the side of your desk or with your entertainment center.

The SX2800-01 criteria were performed near the top of the Slim Line-PC pack during testing and were also competitive with many full-size systems. Thanks to its 2.33GHz Core 2 quad Q8200 processor and 800MHz DDR3 RAM, it has managed 9,533 scores in our CPU-centric 64৪-bit Cinemabench 10 test. This was right behind the HP Pavilion Slim Line s5160f, which shares the same CPU and scores 9,709, and is well ahead of the dual-core Dell Inspiron 537's score of 5,548. Its score was 3 minutes 47 seconds for our iTunes encoding test, and 4 minutes and 4 seconds for our Windows Media Encoder test was equally impressive, with only the HP system being removed by a second or two for each test.

Although the SX was 2-2 ahead of Dell (score: 1), it was unable to compete with the HP (score: 5010) score of 4, 4৯১ during the PC Mark Vantage test, which tested overall system performance. I can blame it for its poor 3D performance. Both the HP and Dell Slim lines include dedicated PCI Express 3D-graphics cards, depending on the SX2800-01 Intel GMA X4500 circuit built on the motherboard's support chipset. In the DirectX 9 gaming graphics test, the score was limited to 12.1 frames per second (fps) at 1,280 × 1,024 resolution, versus Dell's 30.8fps and HP's 25.8fps. (We also tried to flex the muscles of the gateway system with our synthetic 3dmark Vantage benchmark test, but that didn't work, after we tried to run it on a version that crashed with a blue screen, and even updated the graphics drivers to a newer version)

In short, the SX2800-01 will perform just fine for casual games like Max Payne or web-based pastime. You can always invest in graphics cards to play modern 3D games with reasonable performance. However, the SX23-5 delivers dramatically better CPU performance than the same-priced Dell, and its price is significantly lower than that of the HP.

With its weak 3D performance, the SX2800-01 still offers plenty of non-gaming action and other productivity options. With prices below $ 500, it will please a lot of people who don't play 3D games at all. Looking for a PC with good performance, and don't plan to crack your PC with additional upgrades SX2800-01 is a compact, well-performing solution at an amazingly low cost.

Price (in review): 9 499