Gateway SX 2850-01 Desktop Review (Intel Core i3, 1TB)


I have long been a fan of the Gateway SX series now thanks to their great price to feature ratio and they always pay great value for money. The Gateway SX2-6 is another great desktop model in this series where it packs in the latest and most powerful specs for its price potential.

The Gateway SX2850-01 comes with an Intel Core i3-540 (3.06 GHz), 4G DDR3 RAM (maximum 8GB) and a huge 1TB hard drive. Whether you plan on using it for serious work or play, the average of these glasses will prove to be good enough for the average desktop user. This model also comes with an Intel HD graphics card. Combined with Clear Video HD technology, it is perfect for HD content, gaming and graphic work. It supports HD audio (5.1 channels).

The desktop runs on Windows 7 Home Premium and includes 16x DVD drives, 802.11 b / g / n Wi-Fi, 11 USB ports and an HDMI output. Plug in a good set of HDTVs and speakers, and you'll have a mini home entertainment unit for yourself. The Gateway SX2-6 is also a nice-looking tower-style desktop, with a sleek glossy front and relatively compact size. It measures 10.43 x 3.93 x 12.4 inches. Overall, I like the subtle and quiet design of it.

All in all, the Gateway SX 25-30 is the ideal desktop model for anyone looking for a reasonably priced, stylish and powerful PC for home or office. Thanks to its set of powerful specs, you'll be using this desktop for years without having to worry about it becoming obsolete. At the moment, this model is retailing for about $ 549 per set.