Alcohol – the gateway to hell


Monstrous alcohol, controversy throughout history. It has its disadvantages, right or wrong. There are many who can enjoy a long successful life by enjoying alcohol on social grounds. This is not the case with addiction. Each and every drink only justifies the next level of drug.

There are certain illicit substances that are a good companion for alcohol highs. Cocaine and crack cocaine are the perfect example of this concept. Cocaine is the key to the equation, alcohol is frustrating. It looks like a perfect match when in use.

So if you are trying to kick the habit like cocaine or some other illegal substance on this topic, drinking alcohol assures your failure. Each drink weakens your resistance against the already deadly forces. The fact is, if you had the energy to lose at this point, you probably wouldn't have started that situation. So the reality is … why make things harder on yourself?

In order to get back to normal life you must avoid the things that reduce it. The probability is that for the first time you probably drank some drinks before using any kind of intoxicant or illicit drug. So if the urge to hit and it did, just remember where it ultimately led.

Be strong … thinking about what your previous addiction has done to your life. Carefully weigh your options …. be on the way.

If you have a lot of support or are just looking for needed support or have a family looking for support, there are several groups online. You can visit Yahoo Group's chatrooms for more information.