Wooler – Northumberland – The entrance to the Chevyats


Uller is a small town in Northumberland, England. It is very close to the Chemiot Hills, bordering the Northumberland National Park. It is for this reason that this city has been the favorite base of many walkers for ages. Uller – Northumberland has more than just a walkway.

In the city you will find many fascinating small shops, several pubs and hotels, a hostel and several campsites.

Woeller is on the A695 which provides a direct link to Coldstream on the Scottish border.

Uller's natural beauty and clear air have made it a favorite of nature lovers for centuries. It has certainly added to its popularity as it serves as a good jumping off point for Northumberland National Park.

The Uluma area boasts numerous walkways. If you are a great outdoors lover, you can easily choose the many roundabout walks available around here will One of the most popular is the route that circles Chillingham Park, enabling visitors to see the Chillingham pastures that roam the estate from centuries of safe vantage points. On the fence

Woeller – Cochran Pike Route will take you to the country of the sheep where you will be fascinated by the sounds of oyster catchers, curlews, ground pipettes and skylarks.

An easy and interesting option is to take one of the four Cornhill Routes to the countryside around Law Euler. You will walk on the old railroad tracks, footpaths of country, river trails and bridleways. The time required for different routes varies, but you generally do not have to fit very much to ride one of the Cornhill routes.

If you love nature and you love walking, Euler – Northumberland is the ideal weekend for you.