Tantra – the gateway to ecstasy


You and about 4 billion other people on the planet are ashamed of sex; You're certainly not alone. Many of us have been subjected to some very harsh negative social conditions that tell us that sex is bad, dirty and dangerous. It might be, but it won't be that way. If you want to know about a healthy, mature, adult sex, this is the time and place to do it. If you want to reclaim the physical right to be in a body and to experience the joy and the sensual connection and spiritual awakening that holy sex makes possible, then the time and place to do so – Tantra sex.

Tantra teaches the totality of life: listening to your body, opening your heart, integration into the consciousness.

Sacred loving ancient art is becoming the preferred path of many modern western people, seeking sensual perfection and spiritual awakening.

Tantra is the place to reconcile yourself and your sexuality.

Tantra improves your love making at various levels. Through tantra, you have improved your sex life through terrestrial sexual skills: master ejaculation control (probably not, but certainly) and the ability to maintain an erection for a long time without using Viagra type drug or nasal delivery technology so you can enjoy longer Permanent sex

Tantra (Tantric sex) will give your partner more sexual satisfaction and orgasm he always wanted. You will also discover the tantric practice of "Valley Orgasm" – the ability to orgasm without losing semen or energy. You will also experience tantric full body orgasm.

Tantra guides you in tantric sexual secrets and practices to satisfy your women not only physically, but also mentally and spiritually.

Anyone can have sex, but it takes something special from physical activity to intimacy. Sexual intimacy involves a full range of sensual perceptions including touch, kissing, appearance, underlying expression, communication, commentary and, of course, cohabitation and orgasm. Tantra sexual intimacy practices can help you become more connected with your partner.

Kerry and his wife, Diane, founded the Australia School of Tantra in North Sydney Australia. For the past 6 years, Carey and Diane Riley have been teaching teachers and mentors for seminars and seminars for single and couples, and for independent and intermediate and advanced students.

Their Tantra Sexuality and Tantra Devi seminars and workshops have become a regular feature at the Body, Mind, Spirit festivals of Sydney and Melbourne. The success of Kerry and Diane's workshops and sessions has been the subject of numerous articles in the Sydney Morning Herald, Nova, Ralph, Penthouse, Men's Health and FHM Magazine.

Kerry Riley, originally trained as a Shiatsu physician, received teacher training in Japan's # 39; Dojo & # 39; yoga and meditation. Between 1 and 5 people, more than 5,4 attended & # 39; Carey Riley's Mind Power Course & # 39; He is recognized worldwide for this.

Diane trained with the East West Foundation as a yoga and meditation teacher, then studied Sacred Sexuality and Tantra with mysterious methods by Kerry author Dr. Stephen Chang, Moore University, The Moors, Larry Collins, David and Ellen Ramsdell.

They co-produced the Tantra video, DVD's & # 39; The Secrets of Sacred Sex & # 39; Has sold around 200,000 copies worldwide. This is an aspect of the quality of their work. No other Tantra teacher has such an honorable and international recognition in Australia.

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