The Tarot – The Door Between the Worlds?


Toward the end of his remarkable life, Aleister Crowley published an original work on Egyptian Tarot. The job was titled The Book of Thoth And it has a Tarot deck analysis drawn by Leo Fredia Harris on Crawley's design.

Twenty-one cards on this deck are made by Twenty-two Key Cards, or Atu, 40 numbered cards in four suits, and sixteen court cards each containing a combination of symbols from astrology, kabbalah, alchemy, myth and history. Together, the symbols on each card create a coherent personality, an entity rooted in the reality of the universe. This is critical, because without a solid metaphorical structure, Tarot would be nothing but a set of beautiful picture cards; There are many of the decks available. In contrast, the deck of Krabble was designed from the beginning as a representation of the Kabbalistic tree of life.

Numbering from one to ten in small cards, pantscuts, swords, staves, and cup suits, the tree lives on ten sephiroth. The royalty of the Tarot, sixteen lives on the Cephero in the middle pillar of the Court Cards, the Night, the Queen, the Prince and the Tree of Princess Life. The suitability of the suit and the court card coincides with the Yod Heh Bhav Heh of Tetragrammaton and the metaphorical magnet of air, fire, earth and water, and the Quabalist worlds of Atziluth, Beria, Itzirah and Asiah.

Twenty-two Atu Take the paths between the Sephiroth and identify with the anabolic and catabolic forces that define the stress and relationship between the Sephiroth, which they themselves can be regarded as fundamental emanations of reality.

The Atu There are names that can be thought of as a glyph of a combination of metaphorical energies that resonate both subjectively and objectively. For example, when we look at the flowers, we plunge into the innocence of spring, the crazy creativity of the restrained nature, and the chaos of the natural being. With Magus, we experience an immense force that binds blind energy to natural laws and customs, without which the universe cannot exist. And so it has with every personality of Tarot.

As any metaphorical or magical testimony, when we meditate on these tarot cards, when we use them in prophetic work, we deal with the very real but often subtle and urinary nature of nature, which is bound to the realm of the sensible organism that speaks directly to our mind and. Spirits. These personalities feature an entrance into the world; They are the helpers of wisdom and nonsense, respect, and satire: we should know the difference between our magical speech to use these tools wisely and do not diminish their power.