Foot is the gateway to 10,000 illnesses (a Japanese proverb)

[ad_1] Many people looking for alternative health remedies have rediscovered ancient techniques such as foot reflexology, where stimulating areas of the feet (think of acupuncture points) can help improve wellness and promote overall body well-being. And now a treatment known as ionic foot bath – a unique form of hydrotherapy based on the principles of […]

Anime Opening Gateway to a Series & # 39; Soul?

[ad_1] With an anime opening series, the series operates successfully to various degrees. In addition to serving the obvious function of introducing the show's characters and setting it with an entertaining sound, the anime opens with episodes highlighting crickets, plot lines and themes with archetypes. With an unforgettable musical accompaniment to complete any combination of […]

The Ten Commandments – The Gateway to the Spiritual World

[ad_1] Contrary to common belief, the main requirement of a religion is not the word, but the faith and practice, that its people need to follow. Many religions, like Buddhism and Sikhism, are without any deity, yet no religion is without faith and ritual. Religious practices are often called religious practices because they are often […]

Tantra – the gateway to ecstasy

[ad_1] You and about 4 billion other people on the planet are ashamed of sex; You're certainly not alone. Many of us have been subjected to some very harsh negative social conditions that tell us that sex is bad, dirty and dangerous. It might be, but it won't be that way. If you want to […]

The Tarot – The Door Between the Worlds?

[ad_1] Toward the end of his remarkable life, Aleister Crowley published an original work on Egyptian Tarot. The job was titled The Book of Thoth And it has a Tarot deck analysis drawn by Leo Fredia Harris on Crawley's design. Twenty-one cards on this deck are made by Twenty-two Key Cards, or Atu, 40 numbered […]

College Internship: A Gateway to Careers

[ad_1] Joining internships is a great way for students or staff to train and teach new ways of performing within a specific company. In recent years, the rate of students attending internships has increased. It also serves as a gateway to the opportunities of universities, in addition to offering companies greater opportunities within their programs. […]

AT&T 2wire 2701HG-B Basic DSL Wireless Gateway Setup

[ad_1] If you've been reading this document, you're probably looking at how to set up your new AT&T 2 Wire DSL router. Throughout this document I have been using a 2wire 2700HG-B wireless router, but this tutorial can even be applied to various routers that provide 2wire AT&T. The first thing to do when organizing […]

Meditation is the gateway to supernatural powers

[ad_1] Meditation is one of the things that millions of people around the world practice. And you don’t have to be a specific religion to meditate; One of the wonderful benefits of meditation is that anyone can do it. In general, most people meditate for one or more of the following reasons: to achieve inner […]