Alicante – UK gateway to Costa Blanca, Spain


Costa Blanca, Spain, has long been a popular holiday destination for travelers on UK holidays. Most travelers arrive at Alicante Airport before heading to the Holiday Resorts in Benidorm, Calp, Modira, Java and Denia.

Alicante is known as the capital of Costa Blanca and is located directly in the Mediterranean, although most visitors to this coaster will know Alicante well for its airport, but this beautiful city is well worth a visit. View sea views from the Santa Barbara Castle, above Mount Benacantil, at the top of which an elevator can be placed in the rock face across the Playa Pacific.

Aside from the view, it is worth examining the strange rock formation, which is similar to Moore's face, as well as the Museo de Les Foguerres (Museum of Bonfires) where the amazing paintings for the June Fogueres Festival appear. The CAPA collection is also housed here, with examples of modern Spanish sculpture including Dali compositions.

The Santa Fe Monastery is also worth a visit, if only for the legend attached to the place where it was located – a pilgrim brought a sign of cloth that was used to wipe blood from the mouth of Jesus Christ in the sixteenth century at Alicante, and it did a miracle. Visit the monastery to learn the full story.

Museum lovers will be looking for something a little different from the usual scraps of pottery and even enjoy a change at the Nativity Scene Museum in Alicante's Old Quarter. As well as an interesting collection of Christmas brick-a-brac, the museum showcases beautiful birth scenes from around the world. The Bullfighting Museum offers something a little different from the norm – a permanent exhibition focused on various local bullfighters, offering room for presentations and discussions on controversial topics.

For a more sophisticated museum experience, try the Gravina Fine Arts Museum, with a collection of pieces from much of the 20th century to the middle ages. Alternatively, the La Esiguarda Museum has a great collection of contemporary pieces, including some non-Spanish artists including Miro, Dali, and Gargelo.

The beaches of Alicante are as good as any you can see along the coast, especially San Juan beaches, with its endless 7km of fine sand and a wide range of amenities, as well as an 18-hole golf course.

The city center is filled with shops and restaurants in addition to several shopping malls on the outskirts of Gran Via, Vista Hermosa and Panoramis. Eating in Alicante is definitely enjoyable, with its distinctive selection of bars, outdoor cafes and restaurants found in El Barrio and El Puerto. The two locations provide very different atmospheres, the elegance of the old town of El Barrio is strikingly different with the attractive modern marina location of El Puerto.

El Puerto (meaning "The Port") provides regular services to Barcelona, ​​the Balearic Islands, the Canary Islands, France and North Africa. Regular ferry and shipping services, rail and motorway connections with Barcelona, ​​Marcia, Denia and Madrid and international airports make Alicante the gateway to Costa Blanca, Spain.


Gateway NV55c: Do better if you can


Non-techies need reviews on technology that speak to them in simple language. This review of the Gateway NV55C remembers giving a non-technical review to help when it comes to their laptop buying choices. Although the NV55C has good prices, there are faulty machines and other kinks.

Disclaimer: I know nothing about technology. I pick up a few things here and there but not enough to make me a qualified IT expert. I know how to turn the computer off by typing. However, this is the reason I decided to do this review. Many of us rely on technology but are not sure which product or service works best.

I just knew that after months of using my Acer Aspire One netbook, I needed a new laptop and noticed that its performance was subpar rather than a full-size laptop. Since my work relies on net access and a good operating system, I need to find something that can download files in less than three minutes and upload them in a short period of time. However, like most people, I am on a budget and cannot afford to top the line models। that promise to work even after having coffee and spilling objections.

This is how I found myself with the Gateway NV55C as I promised to never go to HP and their hunger products anymore. I was warned against an Intel Salaron processor, so I first searched for something with a Salaron processor. This machine works on an Intel Pentium P6100 but I'm not sure what that means. I know that the operating system was a Windows 7 home version, a specific step from the Windows Starter operating system that still powers my little Acer.

I have to say that with 3GB of DDR3 memory, 320GB HDD, a DVD drive, and a 15.6-inch 16: 9 ratio HD LED LCD screen, I had just about everything and a little more with an Intel HD graphic and a 1.3. Mp3 webcam. I am not a gamer and I do not tend to work with programs that require a lot of memory and other special features that will understand how computers work. They will continue to perform efficiently. Also, I have to pay for Energy Star stickers.

However, two months later, I noticed a few scandals. I will stream movies and other videos as well as listen to podcasts while working but I have noticed that my sound is a bit subpar. It took a long time to realize that my right speaker didn't work. * It never works, but it took me a while to figure it out. I finally figured out how to handle the sound so that I could get a bit more out of the speaker I have, but if I left the volume at full capacity, it might sound too irritating, believe it.

I also begin to notice that the web browser may be freezing when it has not done so before. I usually have multiple windows open but this has never been a real problem before. I got a very good high speed connection, so I suspect that the reason for submitting is the web browsing and streaming at the same time.

Overall, I could be accustomed to this laptop for the next few months unless I somehow came in with a lot of money that would allow me to pay for a new laptop. After all, it cost me less than $ 350, including taxes and processing. Hopefully someday I will be able to get one more top to the line machine without being faulty. In the meantime, I will become accustomed to listening to music from one ear. **

* I got some cheap USB speakers from my laptop to get some volume.
** I had to go back to using Acer to create the document, even after breaking the gateway hardware and slowing down the computer by about half an hour to open the document in Word.


Microsoft CRM Implementation and Customization: MS CRM Fax Gateway


With this short article we are going to discuss Microsoft Business Solutions CRM customization, development, change, setup and implementation.

Microsoft CRM does not have advanced fax automation at the moment – you can register for receiving or sending faxes, but this is not enough for your daily work with your clients. The user should be able to send and receive faxes in his / her work environment – this is in MS CRM

The fax software automation market is very mature and we don't have to re-invite the bike here. All we need to do is integrate a trusted solution to Microsoft CRM. Let's look at the technical aspects of integration:

o The standard event fax activity should be changed based on the change in logic. The standard CRM version allows for faxing information to be stored in or out of the SQL database. The alternative form must have extra parameters for fax distribution

o Immediately after the moment of saving the fax to the CRM database, the Albaspectrum MS CRM Universal Fax Connector accepts the logic, further explicitly realizing that its fax transmission as MS CRM post-callout is registered for fax operation addition and update. At the moment of creating a new fax activity, our module considers connecting documents as a matter of migrating to the addressee.

o Depending on the fax application / extension you are using, the call parameters are transferred to the appropriate plug-in, which communicates with the fax application.

o Fax transmissions can be done through specialized systems or through direct hardware control via the MS Fax API.

o Initially we plan to support GFI Faxmaker and Capteris Rightfax with MS Exchange and Lotus Domino with email servers through their print and integration system.

o Documents supplied or obtained via fax extension can be integrated into MS SharePoint through our proposed product Albaspectrum MS CRM Document Gateway. This allows you to modify and version the document with automatic fax delivery to the addresses involved

o For incoming faxes we recommend capturing via special handlers at the MTA (MS Exchange or Lotus Domino) level – their job is to receive a fax transfer and save the fax activity to the CRM address and MS CRM for them.

o This approach provides seamless incoming and outgoing fax document workflows to MS CRM.

Happy programming, implementation, customization and change! If you would like to do our job – call 1-630-961-5918, 1-866-528-0577!


Gateways and integrators – the catalyst required for VoIP evolution


Mandatory business cases are very difficult to come by. Quality and safety are matters of FUD. Perhaps most importantly, enterprises that have been thinking well enough to appreciate the operational benefits of IP have recently implemented advanced TDM solutions, bridged with their communications management systems. There is still a lot of distance to travel before writing these investments.

Nevertheless, intelligent industry knowledge backed by analysts' forecasts and all research data has recently accumulated points toward the day when all enterprises will implement a VoIP solution টি It is logical and compelling to argue that all company data – voice, data and video – for a single network infrastructure. Savings available bypassing PSTN's line fares and call costs can go up to several million people a year under certain circumstances. The technology is proven to work out of the box, and every day we read (and apply) about new discoveries that raise the point of quality and precision of VoIP where it is inevitable from companies provided by PSTN.

The reality is that no transportation technology has ever replaced night-time – be it technology to carry people, goods or electronically produced signals. (Stevenson's rocket was the first to carry rail passengers to the UK, with both old and new users at the most suitable points. This point is determined by cost, as is the highest evolution in human endeavors. According to the same logic, VoIP gateway is an evolution from conventional TDM voice systems to VoIP solutions. An essential ingredient is essential

By producing hardware, significant PBX companies among them rely on new product lines to guarantee their future. Consistent with industry knowledge and predictions, the next line of PBX products is a VoIP solution with the required PSTN gateway that prompts customers to make the big leap to VoIP. Yet as we have seen, there are some significant obstacles to this leap. So, the reseller channel has to look at ways to enable the jump and maintain revenue streams, and their customers can add courage to it.

This is the role of the independent VoIP gateway. It enables a mix of VoIP and traditional telephony telephony with the single implementation and enhanced dial planner capabilities of Vegasstream; The user experience will not change at all. Gateways enable entrepreneurs to take advantage of their investment in inter-site private IP networks to carry voice without changing their current phone systems. The gateway enables remote employees to connect directly to the ubiquitous broadband IP network company's PBX system. And with the co-deployment of proxy servers, Gateway enables road warriors to be "in the office" wherever they can connect their SIP devices to the Internet.

Earlier in this section it was noted that VoIP technology is proven to work "out of the box". This is the case with the showroom; On the exhibition floor and in a controlled environment of the Enterprise WAN. But real-world implementation involves third-party PBX and desk top devices (and countless of TDM signaling protocols), broad-area circuits, specific technology of SIP or H323 IP protocols, interfaces for emergency service calls and access to PSTN (as the minimum). And one of the customer needs and business drivers Person to realize the truth. This is the domain of the expert communication system integrator.

Vegasstream has spent the past eight years in the lab and perfecting VoIP gateway technology with enterprise and carrier customers. As we address issues such as security and audio quality and continue to develop new solutions to build a stack of signaling protocol interfaces, the company is now focusing its energy on transferring expertise to specialist communications system integrators. These capabilities will enable the identification, proposal, and successful application of blended TDM and VoIP solutions – the catalysts needed for evolution to the next generation of transformed communications.

Please visit for more information


Top ten e-commerce payment gateways


Payment Gateway Third-party facilitators that allow you to accept payments from your clients online. The payment gateway usually has a selection of payment options, including:

  • Cash card
  • Credit card / debit card
  • Net-banking

When a client wants to pay from an online store, he or she can choose the option that best suits you and pay you. In a way, the payment gateway operates as a bridge connecting your bank and store, enabling shoppers to shop without hassle. In place of the Service, Payment Gateway claims their fees from you through a Transaction Discount Discount (TDR) on the transaction amount.

Online Payment Gateway Essentially, if your business relies on an e-commerce website and you need to raise money on the website rather than the services or products to achieve the payment process offered by your clients. It helps customers pay without any difficulty and can later access the cash paid from the client / buyer through the seller / supplier / manufacturer or ask for a check or withdraw from their bank account.

Below are the general and major top ten e-commerce Payment Processor On earth:

1. PayPal

It is a top level payment receiver and is the most popular worldwide. PayPal was able to make $ 4 billion in payments in 20 years.

2. Approval. Net

It was in 1996 and it has been quite a favorite since the billionaire fundraising transaction. To register an account, you will need to pay a one-time commencement fee of $ 99 for each transaction, a monthly charge of $ 20, and $ 0.10.

1. Braintree

There is no setup cost for the Merchant Account service and the online payment processor. Each transaction includes 2.9% + $ 0.03 for eligible cardholders for the transaction.

৪. Pay it

There are more than 5,400 businesses using Sage Pay because it is thought to provide secure payment services. Each month it is reported that this payment gateway can process several million transactions.

৫. Google Checkout

The account is connected to a Google profile that enables Internet users to pay for the services and purchase products online.

6. Amazon Payments

This payment processor debuted in 2007. This is a product from, which enables account owners to send money through AH and receive funds using the Amazon API. The transaction fee is close to 2.0% + $ 0.03 for a transaction above $ 10, but when paying below $ 10, the transaction fee is 5.0% + $ 0.05.

7. Wap

This payment gateway is used to receive payments for goods, donations, event tickets, etc. It has no setup fee or monthly charge.

8. 2 Checkout

2CO or 2CheckOut allows users to pay PayPal and credit card payments. It offers recurring billing facilities, shopping cart stores, and international payments.

9. Weight

It pays $ 1 million a day and processes it. Transaction fees or charges are not less than $ 10.

১০. Moneybookers (Skrill)

It's a simple payment processor with over 127,000 merchants worldwide, with 4 different currencies and 4 payment options.


Did you know that confidence is the gateway to success?


Most of the successes and achievements in life come from your ability to feel certainty that you can achieve what you set out to achieve. Confidence is the gateway to success; To the dream you want to live and the life you want to live.

With confidence you can move on to your own ambitions and aspirations. With confidence you can rise up and handle life's demands and challenges. You can tackle whatever obstacles and disasters you are facing, and then you can move on to the next step in your journey to achieve more fulfillment.

Self-confidence is one of the principle requirements of everything we want to do in our lives. Self-confidence is an indispensable part of the development and success of any individual, both personal and professional. With confidence you can reach your potential and move on to your top level

Throughout your life, you can learn about the benefits and qualities of feeling confident; How can self-confidence give you the courage, reassurance and courage to find and achieve what you want and want.

People who experience a lack of confidence often achieved a part of what is possible for them achieved By focusing on gaining confidence and self-confidence, you can develop the strength and determination to go deeper into your current situation and the opportunities and opportunities you have. You can take the chance that there is success.

Self-confident and dynamic people have mastered how to feel bold and confident. As you develop and build your self-confidence skills, you will also feel and become the other person. You will feel more passionate, motivated and determined in every area of ​​your life.

When times are tough, or when you want to move forward in your personal life or career, most of you have a desire to increase your confidence level. One of the best known ways to boost this confidence is to learn new skills, integrate changes and make them one step at a time.

Having the confidence you need can be an easy process if you have the knowledge you need. With the commitment to step up together and follow what you have learned you will find a recipe for becoming more confident.

Make a commitment today to practice learning and once you do, you can accomplish many great things in your lifetime.

Once you improve your way of thinking and feeling about yourself, your beliefs and your actions will follow. You will confidently overcome the challenges that life throws at you, and you will be guided by a new quest and belief in your ability to do so.

As you become more confident, you let go of anxiety, hesitation, and significance. Your confidence and your expectation for success are emphasized by what you choose to do.

Transformation happens through the change of habitually sensitive templates that drive your life. All of your current habits create specific results in your daily life. When you transform or replace negative sensitive habits and replace them with constructive and beneficial habits, your life will dramatically improve and you reap the rewards of a new and positive habit.

Keep in mind that as you focus on change, change begins to happen. It is fun and inspiring to see yourself being fun, inspiring and growing and improving yourself and becoming more confident and effective day in and day out.

One of the greatest human discoveries is the unlimited power of your mind. It has the ability and potential to create virtually every aspect of your life. Guide it and live up to its potential and use it to make you more confident.

Think about what you can do with all the confidence you can have.


Immigration to Quebec – Gateway to Great Life


Quebec is a province in eastern Canada, the largest in size and the second most populous in Ontario. The name "Quebec" comes from the word Algonquin, "Quebec", meaning the river where the river is shrinking – it is essentially the area around the city of Quebec where the St. Lawrence River was narrowed to a steep lined line to make Quebec's beautiful place the only Canadian province that speaks French. There is a population. Many travelers and residents find this place unique among North American destinations. Not only does the French heritage heritage distinguish this province from most of its English-speaking neighbors, it also maintains its Francophone culture, one of the most historic sites in North America.

According to a report by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), Canada is one of the best places in the world to live. Also, Canada's beautiful country performs well in many ways and is above average in terms of personal security, economic stability, high-skilled jobs, quality education and more. It is undeniable that Canada has a unique reputation among First World countries as a country that many people want to travel to and migrate as many immigrants are more likely to be relocating to Canada and more interested in being part of the country's rich heritage:

১. Canada provides universal health care to all citizens and permanent residents regardless of income level.

2. World Bank Canada is consistently ranked high. In fact, Canada's gross domestic product (GDP) ranks among the top in the world.

৩. Canada's education standards are among the highest in the world. Many students pursue a high quality career after getting a Canadian degree.

৪. Canadians place a high value on their natural resources. Citizens protect wildlife and the natural environment under the care of the government.

৫. Canada's job market is booming. The country generates thousands of new jobs every year.

Canada. Canada is a safe, secure, and secure place to live with the worldwide justice system and low crime rates.

There are many reasons why people migrate, especially in Canada and the beautiful province of Quebec – career paths, better quality of life, equal freedom and more. To put it bluntly, immigrants are choosing to lead a better life.

The province of Quebec offers a business immigration program called the Quebec Immigrant Investor Program (QIIP), which is reserved for businessmen who are interested in making economic contributions to the economy of Quebec.

It is important to choose the right partner for the transfer. Below are the benefits of the Quebec Immigrant Investor Program:

– Requirements are less demanding than other federal programs.

– A candidate can invest in this program without any risk. The investment will be guaranteed by the Quebec government and the full amount will be refunded after five years.

– Instant members of the candidate are included in the application. Spouses and dependent children may accompany the applicant to Canada.

– Candidates can get the same benefits offered to Canadian citizens.

– More importantly, Quebec's lifestyle provides a lower cost of living compared to other provinces in Canada. A good quality of life awaits anyone who wants to be part of this program.


Safari South Africa – From the Gateway to the Garden Route


Safari in South Africa and you will want to include the famous Garden Route on your itinerary. It is one of the gems of South Africa that extends from Durban to the Cape Town south of the east coast, passing the southernmost point of South Africa in South Korea.

Hermanas is one of the best starting points for people starting in Cape Town. Located about 90 minutes away from Cape Town, Harmanas captures most of the feel of its small fisherman's village, here in the very monumental, less-white-clad cottages in Cornwall, UK, cliff top.

Driving along the coast between Cape Town and Hermanus itself is spectacular. Walking a long way to villages like Betty's Bay, you will enjoy the Harold Porter Botanical Garden, famous for its Erica and Proteus, South African national flower proteus prote

South African safari usually means looking at the animal with a camera lens. The Garden Route is no different! Take the Jackass Penguin Colony at Stony Point. One of the names of the penguins has changed to African penguins but they were called jackass because the noise they make is significantly like an ass. At Boulders Beach you can swim with the penguins, if you are traveling to Cape Point, it is for another day.

Hermanus is a very popular destination, with its history being part of its attractions. The small beach with its colorful boats is just as beautiful as the pictures that reach the shoreline and gives visitors an insight into Harmanas' past. Artists and craftsmen draw in this area for a lighting and flashing array of possible topics.

In the early 1900s Harley Street physicians advised their patients to "champion air" for "herpes" because of the excellent fishing, outstanding beauty, and "healing air".

From here the village has gone from strength to strength. Hotels and guest houses suited to each pocket have risen, still maintaining the great tranquility that first attracted travelers to the region.

Hermanus whale is best known for its sun, sand and outstanding beauty because of its magnificent 14 km cliff path, Hermanus offers visitors the world's best land-based whale watching.

Dotted along the way, it's a telescope to look for good whales that are a bit farther away, usually with very young calves. Look out for the whale cryer to announce where the whale has been sighted, who is hearing the horn of his wings. You will find him in the city, with his sandwich board behind him, taking you to the place where you were specified.

Expect to see the southern wolves on a daily basis from August to the end of October, though the season begins in June, making it more difficult to see the whales are attracted to Walker Bay where they can mate and calf in calm waters. The calves are born around August and that is why they are easier to see at this time of year.

The marvelous sights are seen five meters from rocky cliffs, and they seem to have entertained the crowd with their jumps. You will find that dolphins are also frequent visitors, so be sure to add these "hilarious creatures" to your "must see" list.

Of course, watching whales is part of the attractions on offer at Hermanus. The calm waters that attract whales also attract their two foot cousins ​​to the boat. In addition to fishing, diving and fly-fishing, all types of boats and boats are run around the coast.

Combined with bird watching, hiking, cycling, golf, bowls, riding and even more dangerous sports like shark diving and paragliding, I think we can safely say that there is something for everyone here.

No matter where you are, don't miss one of the world's most unusual restaurants – caves. The Seventh Cave Seafood Restaurant of Bianatyang should have the most spectacular setting really located 10 meters from the water's edge. Great experience – See whales at the same time as well as your meal!


Microsoft CRM Integration and Customization: SharePoint Document Gateway


MS CRM is very close to document workflow automation, including Microsoft Office Documents: Word, Excel, etc. The document workflow was fully automated about 10 years ago at Lotus Notes Domino. In this short article we describe the solution based on MS CRM integration with MS SharePoint.

Microsoft CRM is a new player in the CRM applications market and it is gaining market share. There are several examples in its design (it relies on Microsoft OS and technologies and completely ignores alternative platforms based on UNIX, Linux, Oracle, etc.). The Microsoft CRM market is very diverse: from small (up to 5 users) to large (several hundred CRM user licenses) and it serves a variety of industries: transportation, logistics, lawyers, pension funds, high-tech and many others Windows Active Directory, Microsoft Exchange 2003/2000, SQL Server, Crystal Reports Enterprise, BizTalk, Microsoft Outlook, E Technologies deployed in the near future, such as NetNet Explorer, Microsoft Great Plains and Navigation, make CRM a favorite system for Microsoft-based IT departments.

Let's go right to the subject.

The main problem with storing documents in MS CRM in the form of attachments to activities is the inability to work on these attached files in collaboration with other colleagues who do not have to use CRM. This is needed when several service people serve the same client requests. When you save office documents to your file system folder and you can use the alternate way when modifying the document, you save it and reconnect to CRM. This is inconvenient, because first it requires all your edit users to have a CRM license, which delays CRM implementation.

Document storage systems such as Microsoft SharePoint, Oracle Files, etc. seem to be growing in popularity. These national systems save you time on document revisions and versions, authentication cycles and workflows, web access via web-portal systems and the like.

The goal of our product is Microsoft SharePoint Integration with MS CRM for Law Document Storage. Let's take a look at the details of high-level technical knowledge:

o The main change from the MS CRM direction when opening the attachment to the activity is the behavioral change of the standard system. The standard unobtrusive CRM advises you to save the documents to the file system. Copy the wound document to the revised version in the SharePoint document library (required library subject to MS CRM System Administrator Setup) or place it in MS CRM (for secondary importance document). From the moment the document is stored in the SharePoint Document Library, it is not stored in MS CRM – CRM will now only save link / reference to the document. You will also be given the ability to open and modify the document in the open space, which speeds up the performance of MS CRM users.

o Tables are stored in separate databases and do not use MS CRM tables, saving links to documents (you know MS CRM is forbidden to make your structural changes to DB)

Document saving in the MS SharePoint process occurs with MS CRM and its support – SharePoint Bridge, which adds and updates the document library for existing documents in the document library with MS SharePoint Web Service calls.

Document Library, MS CRM – Remove Addendum – SharePoint Bridge registers the document in a special table for future data extraction or notification management registration.

Next, interested users can work with documents using MS Office 2003 or other program / editing tools, assuming that these tools have access to MS SharePoint

Offidback MS SharePoint provides the event handler component. This special handler visits document change status, moved from MS CRM to Document Storage (SharePoint), and reports the owner of the activity with home page notifications (MS CRM's user home page). Instead the user can review the document editing history – who, when and where to change

The activity is open, where the document is "connected" and is actually placed in the MS SharePoint Document Library and receive a live version of the MS CRM user information by pressing the Open button

This approach allows you to work seamlessly with MS CRM documents throughout your company's data space.

o Unchanged enhancements to this product can be document library management directly from MS CRM (web interface – meaning remote location), administrative interface for revising MS SharePoint documents, ability to create reports on document storage status, rights / access management (author, reader, contributor) ) (From MS CRM), the portal page for MS CRM Please enter the number of the integration of fire.

Happy programming, implementation, customization and change! If you would like to do our job – call 1-630-961-5918, 1-866-528-0577!


Bulk SMS Gateway Reseller Supplier


Most of us always have thoughts and aspirations to become an entrepreneur and start our own business. This way you can work for yourself. It gives you a vision to reorganize your goals. Opportunities like the Bulk SMS Reseller Program enable you to make the aforementioned dream a success. The reseller can buy SMS credits and resell appropriate products to their customers and generate desired profits. Individuals, SMEs and larger enterprises can take this choice.

This bulk sms reseller program acts as a global text messaging resolution. It's a full-featured SMS web application, integrated with a worldwide network connection, enabling your customers to send text messages anywhere in the world. Becoming a reseller will maximize your profits and expand your business. This is a very transparent, understandable and manageable process that works on the prepaid model. A reseller receives bulk sms at a bargain price and sells it at its own assessed price. Resellers are provided with a web-based GUI for system and transaction access. This account allows you to manage your users, brand names and advertise your own domain name and text messaging service. So, a complete database of customers means higher profits and more revenue.

The SMS reseller program focuses heavily on providing distinguished and talented services to help your customers grow and value your business. The service provider continuously works to increase its level of service and ensures maximum customer satisfaction. This helps the reseller focus on acquiring the customer and expanding the data base. They equip resellers with all the backend services and support needed for a rich messaging business enriched with text, SI, Flash, business cards, SMS greetings and similar services. As a seller, you will appreciate the outstanding service extended by the service provider. It provides easy to use control panel and application program. Account management is effortless and you should not waste your time utilizing it. 24/7 technical customer support is also guaranteed round the clock.

These applications are user-friendly, not complicated, and easy to use. Even first-timers can take it easy and without much effort. You don't have to be technically sound; General knowledge about computers will suffice. These are completely branded free websites. You can add your company name, capitalize your own logo online and earn your own domain name. The site is sensitive to innovation and change. You can choose the color, style of the desired theme and design it as you like. The content of various sites like sign up, login, contact form etc. can be changed. The website is ready immediately. This is not an order or prerequisite for changing the software you are currently using, instead this national SMS gateway can connect your software using the API. It also supports managing multiple languages ​​and groups and templates.