DTMMS: Gateway Process


The "Gateway Process" of the Suite Medicine Sundance Path (SMSD) guides spiritual seekers to seek growth, knowledge and discovery. It presents a foundation for all education, rituals and healing strategies that have been integrated and proven for many generations.

Gateway means & # 39; Opening & # 39; And a symbolic portal of new levels of consciousness, awareness and mastery. There are 15 gateways on the SMSD route. These early gateways create precise figurines designed to help them cure and discover the essence of their unique beauty and abilities.

First Gateway: Teaching and Events

The first gateway contains rituals and teachings that help the spiritual healer to cure their & # 39; way of heart & # 39; Allowing them to explore their connection with nature in order to discover. There is a spiritual path to the heart that calls people on a deeper personal level and helps them connect with the essence of truth.

The first gateway is open to all spiritual seekers. After completing the first entrance, searchers can choose to become an apprentice or member of the Deer Tribe Metis Medicine Society. They select a qualified teacher who becomes their apprentice guide. The beginner's guide is someone who has reached the Sweet Medicine Sundance Path Certificate and the level of expertise that can mentor and others in their admissions process.

Second Gateway

The second entrance helps the apprentice to identify and deal with their internal enemies that prevent them from reaching their zeal. These internal enemies appear not as people, groups or situations but as things like fear, anger, guilt and false belief. Second entrance education and rituals teach apprentices to face their own shadow and look for hidden gems of their true nature.

The third gateway

The third gateway takes the beginner on a deeper journey of healing and self-discovery. Apprentices have learned how to overcome bruising and disability-empowerment levels, then give them a chance to see their personal history in a new direction.

At the first 3 gateways the apprentices increase their spiritual consciousness and begin to make positive, impactful changes in their lives. With new adventures, they look for opportunities to expand themselves. Many begin to make significant changes in their relationships, careers, health, family and spirituality.

Life provides situations that demand attention and action. These range from challenges to great and small fortunes and misfortunes to the "gateway process" equipping students with skills and skills that enable them to manage life's wonders with greater maturity and less stress. By gaining knowledge, they can strengthen their personal resilience and live life with more curiosity and wonder.